Occupy Austin issues — My Examiner articles get top news ranking by Google

Here in Central Texas, a lot’s been happening, especially over the past several days, with the Occupy Austin movement — and I’ve been involved tangentially, as a journalist. Several weeks ago I was accepted as a reporter/columnist for Examiner.com, covering the Austin Civil Liberties beat. I’ve published several articles, but my coverage of the eviction of Occupy Austin from the front plaza of Austin City Hall managed to get top ranking on the first SERP page of Google News “Occupy Austin” search results over the past couple of days.

Here are the articles on the Occupy Austin affair published so far:

Austin: City officials and cops evict “permanent” Occupy Austin protest

This article describes the background to the police crackdown and the eviction itself.

Occupy Austin update: Protesters regroup after eviction, vow to continue

This article focuses on events the next evening, including an Occupy Austin general assembly and a march to a homeless facility.

Occupy Austin’s surprise eviction under stealth of night fits a pattern

Further details about how the nighttime sneak attack on the Occupy Austin encampment was planned well in advance, and fits a pattern of similar assaults in other cities.

Both articles provide analysis of the national Occupy movement, and how the Austin group fits in this context.

An earlier article (my first for Examiner) provides an overall background to the issue of civil liberties in Austin, with some discussion of Occupy Austin within that larger context:

Austin’s “weirdness” threatened in attacks on civil liberties

I’ll post more about my other Examiner articles later…