Welcome to Writing Perspectives

Writing Perspectives is a blog primarily focused on writing issues (including both literary fiction and journalistic nonfiction), especially as they are impacted or influenced by political, cultural, and technological developments.

This blog is also intended to include samples of my published writings – both copies and links.

— LH


One thought on “Welcome to Writing Perspectives

  1. Hi Lyndon – Your writing is clear, precise and yet emotional at the same time. Great writing! You definitely should do more of this!

    Next year being an election year, persuasive, factual pieces could be very useful in shaping the voting in the primaries and in November. Well, maybe not in the Republican primaries.

    … It’s great you are getting it out there where people can see it. The articles are not only of professional quality, but also insightful and engaging.

    We need more of this!! I think there are more readers and thinkers in America than there are bigots and zealots. In fact, I count on that.


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